My Fair Valentine

This Valentine's Day we, at unikati & co, encourage you to buy fair or buy local. When you buy one of our beautiful pieces you're giving your sweet Valentine a gift that'll make her look good and make you feel good, knowing that your purchase was made with love by an artisan who was paid fairly.

Need help? We've assembled a collection of some of our favourite unikati & co goods, as well as a few other organic, fair trade and local items. 


earrings by Association Gracanica Keranje, available at unikati & co

necklace by Mata Traders, available at unikati & co

lipstick by Bite Beauty, available at various locations

argan oil by Leaves of Trees, available at leaves of trees

boots by Oliberté, available at  oliberté

fabric buckets by Jenna Rose, available at jenna rose

bracelets by Raven + Lily, available at unikati & co

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