Portrait of a Shoemaker

Mehmed is one of our favourite craftspeople in the old city of Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. We walked into his shop strangers and hours later walked out as friends. During this first visit Mehmed treated us to stories, coffee & lemonade. In addition to leaving with a new friendship, we also left with a pair of his beautiful traditional slippers. Over the next few months, much time was spent in front of his shop slowly drinking coffee, carrying on long conversations and watching the world go by.

Mehmed is the President of the Old Crafts Association in Sarajevo. One day soon he will be hanging up his apron and putting away his needle and thread, however that doesn't stop him from fighting tirelessly to preserve traditional crafts for the next generation.  Our friend Haris, an extremely talented cinematographer and filmmaker from Toronto, created this wonderful short documentary "Portrait of a Shoemaker". We hope you enjoy this fitting homage to Mehmed.


Portrait of a shoemaker from Haris Usanovic on Vimeo.


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