Travel Essentials

This has always been a favourite quote of ours. We believe that we're richer as individuals because of the places we've been, the people we've met, the stories we've heard and the moments we've experienced. We also believe that unikati & co can provide a richer experience to our customers if we are able to meet our artisans, source directly from them, and of course share their stories. So, we're currently busy planning & packing for our first, self-funded, sourcing trip! [*insert excitement here*] Although we've packed and unpacked suitcases dozens of times over the years, we still find it a little daunting. Below we've assembled a few of our must-haves for every trip, including this one. We are also hoping that by the time we return, spring will have arrived and these items will become our everyday Canada essentials. 

1. Cambodian traditional scarf (available in many wonderful spring colours) @ unikati & co

2. Moleskine Travel Journal, because there will be stories (and lots of lists!) @ Mixed Media

3. Warby Parker sunnies, because we're really (really) hoping for sunshine @ Warby Parker

4. Guatemalan Handcrafted Cotton Tote, for everyday use. Coming soon to unikati & co!

5. Alice & Whittles espadrilles, for long days spent exploring towns and villages @ Alice & Whittles

6. Fuji X20, our everyday travel camera @ Aden Camera

7. Guatemalan Hand-loomed Travel Bag. Coming soon to unikati & co!

8. Fair-Trade Panama Hat, to shade us from all that sun @ Pachacuti

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