Designer Dream

Cristobal is the lead designer behind our most popular beaded bracelets from Guatemala. Our best selling bracelet, the dream, was named so because the design came to him in the middle of the night (in a dream of course!). Approximately 125 women around Lake Atitlan produce Cristobal's designs and we were fortunate enough to visit two families during our time in the region. (We've already shared the story of Dolores, and will be introducing you to Conception, Maria and Elana next.)
Before the home visits we "oohed and awed" over all the design options and colourful bracelets found in Cristobal's workshop. Producing bracelets for the export market provides the women with income that is approximately three times the standard wage for women in rural Guatemala, and just as importantly it provides the women with guaranteed income. Sales of goods at local markets is inconsistent and the price received is much lower, so all the women we met expressed gratitude for the opportunity to produce these contemporary pieces using traditional techniques, while working from home and taking care of their children or siblings.


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