Heart of Gold

This Valentine's Day have a heart of gold and buy your loved one a product that was ethically produced. Whether it's a necklace created by an HIV positive woman, earrings handmade by artisans with physical disabilities or jewelry composed of upcycled bombs and bullets, these adornments not only look good, but they also have a beautiful story behind them. 

Clockwise from top left: Necklace $40 (Ethiopia/made by HIV positive women/upcycled artillery); Earrings $25 (Kenya/made by people with disabilities); Cuff $30 (Bosnia); Earrings $18 (Kenya/made by people with disabilities); Bangle $40 (Cambodia/upcycled bombs and bullets); Bangles $10 (India); Cuff $55 (Cambodia/upcycled bombs and bullets); Ring $32 (Cambodia/upcycled bombs and bullets). [All items available on our site.]

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