Lux Love

When editing our collections we consider price in addition to aesthetics and ethics. We hope to show that being a conscious consumer doesn't have to be too hard on your wallet. Of course our prices are higher than those at fast fashion retailers, but we'd like to believe that knowing the producer is paid fairly, and that they work in safe conditions adds value to each piece. This being said, while we're all about selling affordable handcrafted jewelry and accessories, we also lust after beautiful (and ethical) luxury adornments.  These  are a few of our favourites.  All are handmade, with great attention to detail, using the best materials.
1. Shawl Wallah Pashmina scarf ethically produced in Kashmir, Northern India. $149 CAD
2. Maiyet Himalayan Headdress earrings. $695 USD
3. A Peace Treaty AKKA necklace handmade in India. $670 USD
4. Popinjay Metallic Anfa Envelope clutch handcrafted in Pakistan. $263 USD (We have a pearl white version on sale for $200 CAD)
5. Mejuri Fence of Venice gold plated silver cuff. $205 CAD
6. Maiyet Horn Tip ring. $495 USD
6. Soko x Laura Siegel Stacked Horn necklace. $299 USD

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