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We're often asked how we discover the products that we carry. The most popular questions are if we've met all the artisans (we haven't), or if we've travelled to all these places (sadly, we haven't done that either). The truth is that there are many different ways that we find out about artisans, cooperatives, and brands doing good. Some are found during travels, some are discovered at shows like NYNow, and some are stumbled upon during our hours of surfing the web. Today we're super excited to introduce you to our latest partner, MULXIPLY, a product of GiveGive. We found out about MULXIPLY through a (fairly) recent article in Conscious magazine. Conscious is a magazine about culture, people, and community that make a difference. If you don't know about them, follow the link, we think you'll be pleased.

MULXIPLY was featured as one of "8 Brands Fighting Human Trafficking That You Need to Know About".

We were working on an order with one of those eight brands, iSanctuary, and we already knew about (and hope to carry in the near future) some of the others, but MULXIPLY was completely new to us. We were excited about their super modern geometric design and loved the fact that the goods were produced by at-risk women through a well established co-operative in Nepal. In addition, they really spend a lot of time on the design process, working collaboratively with the cooperative, and ensuring that the quality is top-notch even down to the hardware. We hope you love their limited edition collection as much as we do. With great excitement we present MULXIPLY.

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