Meet our Artisans from Concepcion

Here's the truth: blogging is our weakness, so posts are quite infrequent. Tonight we came across a few photos from years ago that we didn't get around to sharing so we thought why not write a little blog post. We had the opportunity to visit this group of Maya-Mam women in Concepción, Guatemala way back when we started unikati & co. In case you're a visual person we're sharing photos first and the story is at the bottom. 

At the beginning of 2012 the Guatemalan Ministry of the Economy began implementing a project called "Pacto Hambre Cero," Zero Hunger Pact, in consonance with the United Nations' worldwide Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement.

Chronic malnutrition affects more than a million children in rural Guatemala and this project seeks to attack it on multiple fronts, including direct nutritional aid, nutrition education for mothers, infrastructure development, agricultural aid, and rural income development. This community was identified not only because of the high level of child malnutrition, but also because their craft was undervalued at local markets. Designer Eric Ledoigt fashioned a wide range of products to build upon those traditions, and the resulting designs involve the greatest number of artisans as possible. Both in terms of sheer aesthetics and in the potential for income generation for the neediest communities in the country, the Zero Hunger collections are extremely significant. We met with the 32 indigenous Maya-Mam women of Concepción who create our zero hunger bracelets.

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