Demi Circle Necklace Bone
Demi Circle Necklace Bone
Demi Circle Necklace Bone

Demi Circle Necklace Bone

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This lovely necklace is so natural and simple, eye-catching and versatile. It's perfect! Our horn pieces are made of ethically gathered cow & goat horn by a great team of 30 crafters. Please read their story just below for your daily inspiration!

Size: 38" 

Material: Bone pendant on antique brass chain

Story of the makersAndre Paul Lefond has been hand-crafting products from ethically-gathered horn and bone for over 34 years. He manages his own workshop, employing 30 men. He is one of Haiti's most well-known horn & bone artisans and has crafted for top designers and retail chains. He acts as a mentor for artisans starting their own businesses.

His process starts with raw goat and cow horns purchased from the local butcher that would otherwise be thrown away. The horns are then heated over charcoal until softened. They are moved to a cast iron press to be flattened, re-heated, and then molded into the desired form. The pieces will then go on to the sanding and polishing team, which will start beveling away with shards of glass until a smooth surface is formed. The next team will then continuously sand and polish the horn surface until smooth, sealed, and properly finished. 

Andre first learned the craft of turning cow & goat horn into beautiful products at the age of 14 from his uncle. He worked hard to eventually buy his own tools and build up his own business. During the 2010 earthquake, Andre lost his workshop, but with the help of generous supporters he was able to receive a grant to build a new cooperative workspace. He says the workshop is not his, but it belongs to all of the artisans. He strives to teach young men the craft his uncle first taught him, so that they don't have to learn lessons the hard way in which he did, but instead can use his knowledge to advance themselves and build their own business. 

Story of the brand: Haiti Design Co-op was founded in 2014 with the goal of bring about sustainable development through design, training, and job creation. Their workshop mantra is "MEN ANPIL, CHAY PA LOU". This is an old Haitian proverb meaning "MANY HANDS MAKE THE LOAD LIGHT". They believe that there is commonality between the designer, maker, and consumer, and that when working together they help lighten each other's load and bring about lasting positive impact. 

Founders Chandler and Josh, with some team members, have seen their small workshop grow and evolved into a training and production center, employing over 150 people within the workshop and HDC partner branches. Over the years, HDC has collaborated with many talented designers that have come to Haiti and led workshops to train teams in new and better production techniques. These collaborations have been the foundations for many of the teams they are able to employ today. 

Haiti Design Co-op houses and partners with production teams working in many types of artisan crafting, including leatherwork, sewing, jewelry making, aluminum casting, metal work, weaving, beadwork, horn & bone, tailoring, and shoe making.

HDC works to provide consistent employment in-house in order to give job training and stability to individuals in vulnerable situations. They aim to help artisan leaders succeed as independent entrepreneurs in the community. 

Haiti Design Co-op believes the marriage of design and purpose can have a long lasting ripple effect of development and community building.

All items are handmade and can slightly vary in size & colour.