Little By Little

Orphan Prevention through Job Creation
In Haiti, up to 80% of children living in orphanages have living family. Because poverty is a huge contributing factor for parents placing their children in orphanages, Little by Little seeks to empower Haitian parents with a job and an income. Currently they employ 19 people in Haiti and work in partnership with Tytoo Gardens Orphanage who refers at-risk parents to Little by Little. At Little by Little they believe that sustainable business can offer solutions to many of the problems facing the people of Haiti. Their goal is to create ethically sourced, beautifully designed products and their vision is to care holistically for the people of Haiti.
Little by Little also does its best to source all of our materials ethically. This extends their impact beyond their Little by Little staff. Clay and paper beads are hand rolled in Haiti. Glass beads are melted down in Ghana. Wood beads are carved out in Bethlehem. Wax cord is sourced from Thailand. Metal beads are forged in Ethiopia. Metal art is purchased from local Haitian artisans, providing them with the opportunity to sell their wares abroad. 

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