Aaron Red Striped Scarf
Aaron Red Striped Scarf
Aaron Red Striped Scarf

Aaron Red Striped Scarf

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The Aaron is a large airy white scarf with beautiful striped detailing. It's pretty much the perfect scarf for both men and women to wear all spring and summer. 

Material: 100% cotton

Size: 70cm x 200cm

The Story: Sabahar, a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, celebrates age-old textile traditions in Ethiopia. For centuries, Ethiopian women have been spinning cotton on drop spindles and men have been hand weaving textiles out of cotton and other imported fibres to make traditional attire and famous ‘gabi’ blankets. Sabahar capitalizes on these indigenous skills and then trains artisans to produce modern designs. Inspired by ancient weaving traditions of Ethiopia, Sabahar creates exquisite hand made accessories using locally sourced silk and cotton. They are proud to say that every step of the process is made by hand, from the spinning of the thread to weaving the cloth and even finishing the details on each of the products. Based on a philosophy of indigenous simplicity and purity, Sabahar only uses silk and cotton to create the richly textured fabrics. All of the cotton is sourced in Ethiopia and they are believed to be the only company in the world making products with Ethiopian silk. As you will see they love to experiment with natural dyes to create luxurious colours.

Ethiopian artisans rarely work in the formal sector- so they are not guaranteed decent salaries nor consistent work. Many artisans are leaving the trade to find other, more lucrative and sustainable work. Sabahar is working to entice these artisans back and preserve the textile tradition by introducing the beautiful Ethiopian workmanship to the global market and thus ensuring fair and consistent wages.

Sabahar has a team of dedicated, loyal and skilled artisans, many of whom have worked for the company since its inception in 2004. The company currently employs 50 people at their workshop and engages another 100 artisans who spin and weave in their own homes or in cooperatives around Addis Ababa. Sabahar has also just started working with weavers in southern Ethiopia.

The company also buys Eri silk cocoons from small cooperatives, individual farmers and large farms. It buys spun cotton from women in the local markets who spin when they have free time from caring for their children and managing their homes.

The company works hard ensure that at least 50% of its staff is women.

The artisans are provided fair wages and sustainable employment. They also attend trainings regularly, both to build their capacity in their respective areas of specialization but also to help them better manage their finances, their health and homes. The artisans are also provided with more efficient, better equipment than the industry average.