Lenaiya Beaded Necklace
Lenaiya Beaded Necklace

Lenaiya Beaded Necklace


With a touch or fiery orange, mixed with subtle white, this necklace is just enough to compliment any look. The Lenaiya necklace is Maasai-inspired and contemporary, tribal and modern, perfectly blending multiple styles to create one stunning cohesive piece.

Material: Glass beads, recycled brass, handmade brass chain

Size: 39cm drop, pendant: 5cm long x 7cm wide

The Story: Riri Jewelry works with artisans and designers to advance youth enterprise as a strategy for peace building. They believe in constructively engaging and utilizing their skills and time for the development of their art and business.

Founders Njuhi and Ivy Chege come from backgrounds of Political Science and Peace Building & Jewelry Making and Product Design respectively. They married their two very different backgrounds to create Riri Jewelry, Jewelry for Peace, a fair trade and socially responsible company that focuses on the quality of their goods and the future of workers.

Riri means ‘divine beauty’ and ‘allure’ in Kikuyu, one of 68 languages in Kenya. Their pieces are broadly inspired and influenced by the Kenyan landscape, using semi-precious stones, brass, up-cycled materials such as horn and bone, recycled wood, and glass.

This piece is from the Lenaiya Collection. Lenaiya is a Maasai girl, adorned in her intricate beaded jewelry that embodies her people’s culture. In the Maasai community, not only is the jewelry an essential for beauty in their day to day life, but also represents their strength, age sets, marital status, warrior hood, different occasions etc. The colours of the beads hold different meanings. White and orange beads are used in this collection; white to symbolizes purity and health, as it represents the colour of cow’s milk that provides sustained nourishment. Orange symbolizes warmth, friendship and hospitality, representative of the orange colour of the gourd used to share milk with guests and welcome them into the home.